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Benefits & HR Services Stay Compliant and Competitive.

benefits hr service

Every year, small businesses face increased regulation around mandated benefits and coverage, including workers' compensation and retirement planning. And if your state hasn't yet mandated benefits, you may want to consider providing additional benefits to your employees, which can help you in hiring and recruiting.

PF Consulting offers options ranging from workers’ compensation insurance with pay as you go payment option to affordable 401(k) plans that are designed for small businesses, with transparent and affordable pricing options to suit your needs.

Why PF Consulting?

We make it easy for you to access the coverage and benefits you, your employees and your business need.


Workers’ compensation coverage with flexible payment options


Affordable and transparent retirement plans so you can take advantage of SECURE Act 2.0 benefits and tax credits.


Affordable healthcare for small businesses

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Online, on-demand background, drug and other screening options

benefits hr serv

Workers’ Compensation Insurance That Works for You


Depending on the requirements of your state, workers’ compensation insurance may be mandatory. We make it easy for small businesses and households to set up and manage your policy. Get custom quotes, compare, and save time.

Property and casualty insurance products and services are provided by CoverWallet, Inc., an Aon Company and a licensed insurance producer in all states; in CA, CWallet Insurance Services (CA 0K84318). Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. (PIA) with offices at 225 Kenneth Drive, Rochester, NY 14623, is a licensed insurance agency in all 50 states (CA 0C28207). PIA partners with, and shares compensation with CoverWallet, an Aon Company.

Affordable Health Insurance for Small Business


Whether your business is required to offer health insurance in order to comply with state law, retain employees or simply provide health insurance for your family, Paychex Insurance Agency, in partnership with us, can help you find top-rated health insurance coverage affordably.

Health insurance sold and serviced by Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc., 225 Kenneth Drive, Rochester, NY 14623. CA License #0C28207. 


401(k) Retirement Plans that Fit Your Business


PF401k service offers competitive and affordable 401(k) benefits to suit every business, including both traditional and safe-harbor 401(k) plans, as well as Solo(k) plans for owner-only and family businesses. You’ll also find several plan design options including the integration of payroll deferrals with the 401(k) plan.

Talk to a 401(k) specialist at 561-300-0139

401k plans

Pre-Employment Screening and New Hire Reporting

As a small business owner, investing in your business by hiring new employees is central to growth. But it’s critical that you hire the best talent for your business, and our pre-employment screening options and new hire reporting will help you find the right candidate.

pre employment services

Introducing our Podcast, Back of the Napkin

Visit Back of the Napkin, our small business podcast, to explore inspiring business stories and meet small business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to think differently.

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