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Payroll Services For Small Business


Payroll and Tax Support


PF consulting Firm is an online payroll service you can trust. When it comes to taxes, we stay up to date on changing tax laws so you don’t have to. We even have a taxes paid and filed guarantee that states if we file on your behalf, and we make a mistake, we will handle any costs associated with it. Other ways we have your back are:

  • Award-winning, U.S.-based customer service with extended evening and weekend hours

  • Support for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors

  • Handling of 401(k) deductions

  • Management of FSA and HSA funds

  • Accurately calculating for any wage garnishments



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Different Taxes Supported


Comparing Payroll Options for Your Small Business

A common question among small business owners is "how do I run payroll for my small business?" The good news is there are many ways to run small business payroll. DIY payroll, payroll software, and accountants and bookkeepers are common sources of help for payroll. Each of these options will have pros and cons, and ultimately the choice will come down to how much time you want to spend on payroll and taxes, how complex your payroll needs are, and anything else you want to offer employees, such as a 401(k).

SurePayroll offers two payroll services: full-service and self-service. While there are many similarities between the plans, such as no set-up fees, no extra fees for unlimited payroll runs, flexible payroll options, and more, the are some differences. To learn which option is best for your business, check out our page comparing both payroll service models. 


"Switching to PF Consulting was the best thing we could have done for my company.  The cost is low, and simply cannot be beat by anyone else that's out there for outsourcing payroll.  They do everything, including direct deposit, processing all of the forms and returns, all of the tasks that take more attention than I am able to give.”

Willian Wiese- 2017 Realtor of the Year | Patterson Realty


Our Payroll Product Features


When choosing the right online payroll service company for your small business, product features are going to be an important factor. At PF consulting firm, we know small businesses are constantly evolving and have different needs, which is why we are always working on new features. Some notable ones include:

  • Mobile app to process payroll on the go

  • Flexible payroll options for life’s unexpected moments

  • Easy access to HR and business forms, workplace posters, and other compliance needs

  • Access to a variety of payroll reports

For our full list of features, check out our Payroll Services Features Page


We're Here When You Need Help

We provide in-product knowledge articles to help guide you through common issues and tasks. And if you ever need help, our US-based customer care team is available via chat, email or phone to support you.

Small Business Payroll You Can Trust


PF Consulting has been helping small businesses with their payroll and tax needs for 20 years. When small businesses begin, we know the first thought isn’t on payroll and taxes. With our easy and secure payroll services, you can trust that your employees will be paid accurately and on time every time, giving you more time to focus on your business. We are an industry leader who is recognized for our services, customer service and more.


Ready to Give it a Try?


Join the thousands of small businesses and households that trust SurePayroll for fast, easy and accurate payroll processing—for free!


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Get up to $300 per business you refer to PF consulting firm. The best part? There's no cap on what you can earn, and you don't even have to be a SurePayroll customer.


Introducing our Podcast, Back of the Napkin

Visit Back of the Napkin, our small business podcast, to explore inspiring business stories and meet small business owners and entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to think differently.

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