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Texas Medical Licensing Service

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Only $599!
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Let PF licensing professionals help you with your Texas medical licensing!  With over 20 years of experience, we are fast, efficient, and very affordable. Call PF at 561-300-0139 or fill out the form on this page. A Texas medical licensing professional will contact you today! Our prices can’t be beat! Contact PF today!

Texas Medical Board

Texas Medical License Requirements & Fees
  • TEXAS Medical Application Fee $493 License fee $805

  • Minimum Postgraduate Training Required 1 or 2 years IMG or FMG

  • Number of attempts at Licensing Examination No Limit attempts at USMLE Step 3

  • Time Limit for Completing Licensing Examination Sequence 10yr Rule on passing all 3 steps

  • Board Fingerprint Fees $51

Texas Medical License Outlook

The process of obtaining a Texas Medical license or either initial licensure or a second subsequent State Medical license in the State of Texas can be somewhat a challenging, stressful, & more so “time consuming” process to say the least, for health care professionals alike, in the busy time schedules you all have been accustomed to over the years. Whether you are a resident, Medical Doctor or a Doctor Osteopathic in seeking a new challenge or just simply looking for a change in another State/s in your professional career, PF Consulting Firm – TX License services Can help you acquire your TX Medical License.

PF Consulting Firm – Texas Medical License service have been dealing with the TX medical board for years and have processed & accomplished many Successful – TX medical applications.

PF Consulting Firm – TX Medical license services, has a good working professional relationship with the Texas Medical Board, which both establishments know what the other require to fast track a Tx medical Licensure application, as PF Consulting Firm have to-date a 100% track record in the success of all our TX applicants in gaining a TX Medical license. Texas Medical Licensing services will advise, expedite your complete Texas Medical licensure process from start to finish for you, in a fast timely fashion in gathering all your career history data safely to then put forward to the Texas Medical Board

PF Consulting Firm – TX Medical License Services as follows.

  • Preparing your Texas Medical License application.

  • Preparing all required letters and forms for the purpose of verifying your credentials to the Texas Medical board.

  • Researching your professional history to obtain mailing addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of verifying your credentials.

  • Preparing all required letters and forms for the purpose of verifying your credentials to the Texas Medical board.

  • Shipping each credential verification request to the appropriate facility.

  • Liaison between applicant & Tx Medical board.

  • Following up with the Tx Medical board and each facility that is verifying your affiliation to ensure that each document reaches the medical board as quickly as possible

TEXAS Composite Medical Board/TEXAS License

The Georgia Medical Board does not have a 10 year rule concerning Board Examinations and Board Certification. This means that the SPEX requirement is not in effect. There is not a interview requirement as with other State Medical Boards. Once the file/applications is complete then the Board can offer the physician a temporary license Number which will be effective until the next Board Meeting.

Contact Information Medical Board of Texas

P.O. Box 2018 Austin, TX 78701

Phone: (512) 305-7010

Fax (512) 305-7051

Yes!!! Licensing Service only $599!

Call Us at 561-300-0139 or fill out the form below. Our licensing professional will contact you today! Our prices can’t be beat! Contact us today!

License Requirements

  • Medical School Transcripts and Form

  • Employment and Privileges for the past 5 years

  • NPDB-HIPDB Report

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Examination Scores

  • Internships/Residencies/Fellowships within past 5 years

  • ECFMG / 5th Pathway

  • Malpractice Insurance Verifications

  • Training Exam Requirements

  • Examinations 75% +

  • 3 attempt limit - All Steps of the USMLE

  • 7 year limit - USMLE

  • 1 year PGY for USA Grads

  • 3 year PGY for International Grads

  • State Exam Accepted if Pre-1975

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