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Medical Billing Prices


The Lowest Billing Rate
Only 6%!
Call Now 561-300-0139

PF Consulting 6% Medical Billing service provides healthcare professionals with maximum efficiency at the lowest price! Call now at 561-300-0139 or complete the form on this page. Our Medical Billing staff are seasoned medical billing specialists. All work s done here in the USA, no outsourcing, everything completed in house.

With over 20 years of experience, PF Consuting is a trusted resource for all your medical billing needs. Our medical billing professionals will fulfill all your medical billing and accounts receivable needs exceeding all expectations. All collected fees are deposited directly into your bank account. There are no set up or monthly fees, the Doctors Business Network Medical Billing service does not get paid unless you get paid first! By outsourcing to the Doctors Business Network Medical Billing service you can focus more time on practicing medicine and less time on paperwork.

What will we do for your Medical Billing needs:

  • Absolutely no monthly fees, setup fees or advance fees. We get paid after you get paid!

  • All medical billing services are completed in the US by our full-time employees. We DO NOT outsource!

  • Review new patient demographic and information. Request any item that may have not been included.

  • Post all medical billing charges, per superbills or hospital face sheets.

  • Verify that all fees, codes, and modifiers are correct.

  • Transmit medical billing claims electronically.

  • Verify the next morning that transmissions have been received by various insurance companies

  • For insurance companies that do not accept electronic billing, printed HCFA are directly mailed to those insurance companies.

  • Post all payments by line item.

  • Appeal all denials, when warranted.

  • Bill secondary insurances when applicable.

  • Continuous telephone calls to insurance companies regarding unpaid charges.

  • Handle all insurance questions and calls.

  • Mail monthly medical billing statements (with self-addressed envelope) to patients on their responsibility for unpaid balances

  • Call patientson unpaid balances

  • Handle all patient calls and questions regarding medical billing statements

  • Provide day sheet for each package of medical billing work received; detailed by an individual doctor, insurance classification and procedures

  • Provide monthly and year-to-date reports showing total charges, payments, adjustments and department totals.

  • Provide monthly account receivable reports detailed by aging, patient paid and insurance classification.

  • Notify your office monthly of patients with credit balances.

  • Recommend patient responsibility accounts that are dormant be sent to collections.

  • Postage, first-class packages and courier is all handled by PF Consulting firm


If you would like more information about, Billing, Credentialing, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare Websites or other services, please contact us at, call 561-300-0139 

or fill out the form on this page.

Yes!!! I want in 6% Medical Billing!

Call us at 561-300-0139 or fill out the form below. Our Medical Billing specialist will contact you today! Our prices can’t be beat! Contact PF Consulting today!

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